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Relieving Your Muscular Related Pain & Balancing your Health 


We are LUTON's premier Natural alternative health clinic est over 28 years ago...

We provide natural treatment options to help your pain and health recovery.


Modern floating acupuncture
modern acupuncture treatment on the back

Floating Acupuncture Treatment Centre  (FSN)

Fast Response 
Safe & Effective
Pain Free
Modern Acupuncture - or floating needle acupuncture, also known as " Magic Needle Acupuncture, originated from Chinese traditional acupuncture. The Floating Needle Acupuncture technique is to relax the area where there are tightened muscles, or small areas of acute pain called trigger points. In the treatment of pain symptoms, especially acute pain, Floating Needle Acupuncture can almost instantly relieve the pain after inserting the needle or upon finishing the manipulation.It is very safe as it only penetrates the subcutaneous area of the tightened muscles, and exteremely effective as most tightened muscles are relaxed instantaneously in one treatment session or for very tight muscles a maximum of only 3 treatment sessions are normally required at a time.

Our Homeopathy & Homeopathic Treatments

For most internal medical health issues,  for example, skin conditions,  Male & Female health issues,or for Baby & Childrens' Health, we offer gentle treatments & natural Healing without side-effects with classical homeopathy to help bounce you back to health and thereby start the healing process gently & naturally without the side- effects  of strong drugs.

Homeopathic Medicines
Wet Cupping (Hijama) to Detox the blood

 Chiro Manual Therapy Treatments

Manual therapy is a 'hands on' physical therapy treatment to treat musculo-skeletal issues such as pain, stiffness,immobility and disability; it mostly uses various massages such as kneading as well as manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation by different types of methods to correct the imbalances in them, ultimately trying to get you more mobile and functioning.

Our Hijama Cupping Treatments​​

Hijama  Cupping is also scientifically proven to promote healthy circulation and to have Detoxifying & Oxygenating effects . It helps to improve cardio-respiratory symptoms, remove stagnant blood,expel heat,& provide pain-relief & manage pain due to feelings of relaxation & stress relief. It is also used frequently by our clients.

Manual Therapy to reset out of place bones & joints

Note: If you are unable to book an online appointment then contact the Clinic. 

Modern acupuncture lower back treatment

About Shifa Pain Relief Clinic 

The Shifa Clinic offers natural treatments using multiple therapies to resolve your health issue. It was established over 25 years ago by Shamim Malik, a qualified, doctor of oriental medicine,acupuncturist,Homeopath,manual therapist & registered complementary, alternative health practitioner . Previously he had worked successfully in a private Acupuncture & Homeopathic Clinic at the Blenheim Medical Centre in Luton from 2003 - 2008. The Shifa Pain Relief clinic is situated at the rear of 370A Dunstable Road Luton LU4 8JT.

Call : 01582 206366 to make an appointment.


The Shifa Pain-relief Clinic is a multiple disciplinary Clinic, part of Luton Chinese Medicine Centre, offering a range of therapies to help manage & resolve your health issue/s in a natural way without drugs. 

The clinic setting inside has a clean, state of the art and modern character, with a comfortable , relaxing waiting reception room. The decor of our consultation room and the two treatment rooms is of a high standard and has been appraised by our patients.

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