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                              DEDICATED TO NATURAL HEALTH CARE

Want to try a natural alternative to rebalance your health...?

Control your pain, improve your mobility, flexibilty, performance, & function naturally.

Shifa Clinic is Luton's premier Natural, Complementary, Alternative, & Integrated Medicine Clinic. It offers a natural,holistic approach for your physical,mental & emotional health or wellness, without the side-effects of strong drugs. 

We offer a range of different treatments, based on your preferences and your condition such as : Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Hijama Cupping, Massage  & Manual/Manipulations Therapy, Oriental Bone Setting &  Islamic Prophetic Medicine Tibb Nabawi ) .

Our fully qualified health practitioner, Mr Shamim Akhtar Malik (PhD(Ac), DSc(AM) is a registered Doctor of Natural Health Care & Healing. He is  fully insured and recognised by more than 26 leading healthcare organisations covering different types of health care & healing .


Mr Shamim Akhtar Malik has a clinical experience of over 30 years and offers a range of different treatment modalities, based on your preferences and on your conditions.

  Listed below are some health issues seen by him :

  •  Musculo-Skeletal & Sports Injuries e.g. Back / Joint pain,neck pain, shoulder pain,knee pain, arthritis, repetitive sports injury...and many more.

  • Many types of Physical, Mental, Emotional Health conditions e.g. Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, as well as Fears & Phobias etc

  •  Male, Female Specific Health Issues.

  • Childhood Health Illnesses.

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Disclaimer: The views provided on this site are for information purposes only and do not necessarily constitute a medical opinion or cure of any kind. You should maintain your relationship with your GP or Doctor in the first instance if you have a serious medical condition. Shifa Clinic and its practitioners assume no responsibility or liability for your self treatment following the information provided on this site.                     


Dr Shamim Malik- PhD (Ac), DSc (AM)

Registered Natural, Complementary, & Alternative Health Practitioner - Manual/ Manipulation Therapist

Mr Shamim Akhtar Malik, a fully qualified & registered doctor of Natural,Oriental, Complementary Medicine, & Alternative Healthcare . Shamim's passion for alternative forms of healthcare & healing started when he was a young men engaged in many challenging sports & always suffered from injuries. This led him into trying many forms of alternative healthcare and healing which helped him a great deal to heal better and quicker. He became determined to study these many alternative forms of healing and healthcare & after graduating over a course of 30 years of ongoing study, research, & practical clinical practice in some of the worlds' foremost health educational institutes, he now shares these healthcare & healing experiences as a practitioner with all his clients.


On this fascinating journey, he was able to appreciate the different forms of natural, complementary, as well as alternative health care healing modalities and in particular, how some of these can be integrated into the mainstream health care system. During this time,he obtained many Degrees & practitioner qualifications from many different organisations enabling him to practise healthcare for the benefit of society as a: homeopathic doctor, TCM & oriental medicine doctor / bone-setting practitioner,counsellor/psychotherapist, sports medicine/ manual/manipulation therapist,hijama practitioner, massage therapist, &  functional exercise therapist.

Mr Shamim Malik still actively engages in some of his challenging sports, such as a practitioner of martial arts,he continues to maintain & improve his own health and well-being every single day,acting as a role model for all his clients.


 He sees a range of physical,mental & emotional health conditions at the Shifa Clinic and provides treatments based on his 30 years of knowledge & experience to help guide his healing outcomes for his patients. His vision is to see people flourish in good health & well-being & continue to maintain their health naturally without the aid of taking unnatural strong chemical drugs and wherever possible avoid invasive surgery through his natural healthcare management.He endeavours to take his clients to the next level in healing and tries his best to make them tension free,& rebalance & restore their body's natural structural & healing mechanisms by offering them a range of different treatments & therapy choices based on their preferences and on their condition so that they may start to heal naturally.

Shamim Akhtar Malik is a member of many healthcare organisations including the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative, (IHC) an amalgamation of more than 26 leading healthcare institutes which provide a variety of optimal healthcare & healing services.

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Our Dedicated Deep Tissue Sports Massage, & Manual/Manipulative Therapy Service provides treatment and rehabilitation for all types of injuries / sport injury using 'hands on' techniques including  oriental bone setting therapy Interventions to rebalance and restore your spine to optimal health.


  • Dr Shamim Akhtar Malik's over 30 years knowledge & clinical expertise

  • FREE  initial 15 Min telephone consultation.

  • Unbeatable quality & highly professional holistic care.

  • Personalised treatments, &  on-going follow-up care using a wide range of natural medicines / and/ or 'hands on' manual therapy of your choice/preference .

  • Competitive prices​ guaranteed.. (Most Therapies start from only £40 !!) 


        01582 206366  /  07956 553417
Back Massage


Musculo-skeletal health issues,e.g. low back pain, neck pain or stiffness, all types of sport injury, repetitive strain injury, arthritis..etc.

All types of mental,emotional, Psychological & spiritual health issues managed naturally. e.g. stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, compulsive -obsessive disorders, Male/Female health issues.. Children's health conditions etc.

Everyday life-style health issues, such as, colds, fevers, coughs,heartburn,gastritis, indigestion, constipation,arthritis,insomnia,allergies,asthma,hayfever,dermatitis/skin conditions, ear infections, high/low blood pressure...etc.




Manual/Manipulation                Therapy



"The treatments were carried out in a professional manner and were very effective.Everything was clearly explained.Exercises given were great, Shamim really knows his stuff". F.B.

Riley Jones

" Dr Shamim Malik provides a professional approach to his treaments. The prices are competitive,affordable and most important you the get full treatment, well worth it". H.D.

"Shamim's understanding about the nature of my health problem was very impressive, his treatment manner is trusting & very professional". S.W.

"Shifa Clinic has been great in keeping me injury free during my off season cricket practice. Highly recommended clinic and one of the finest health practitioners" .M.A.

"I have been a patient at Shifa Clinic on and off for many months due to my health, and I can honestly say that it has been a very positive and healthy experience in many ways ". G.L.



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