What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a natural, gentle and effective system of medicine that works on the principle that 'like cures like'. Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal level of health.

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health.It can provide natural treatment options for most health conditions affecting the body & the mind. 

It is safe to use, even with very small children and pets, has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, is very affordable, is made from natural substances, and is FDA regulated.

Homeopathy is a complementary or alternative medicine (CAM). This means that homeopathy is different from treatments that are part of conventional Western Medicine in important ways.

It's based on a series of ideas developed in the 1790s by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann.

A central principle of the "treatment" is that "like cures like" – that a substance that causes certain symptoms can also help to remove those symptoms.

A second central principle is based around a process of dilution and shaking called succussion.

Practitioners believe that the more a substance is diluted in this way, the greater its power to treat symptoms.

Many homeopathic remedies consist of substances that have been diluted many times in water until there's none, or almost none, of the original substance left.

Homeopathy is used to "treat" an extremely wide range of conditions, including physical conditions such as asthma and psychological conditions such as anxiety & depression.

Does it work ? 

There's been extensive investigation of the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Is it available on the NHS ? 

Homeopathy isn't widely available on the NHS. It is available as a private treatment.

Homeopathy is usually practised privately .The average price for a consultation in the UK with a homeopath can vary from around £75 to £300. At Shifa Clinic we offer the initial homeopathic consultation ( lasting average of 60 minutes) from around £50. Plus the price of the remedy. 

What should I expect if I try it ? 

 The first visit can last around 60 minutes. The average price for a consultation in the UK with a homeopath can vary from around £75 to £300. At Shifa Clinic we offer the first homeopathic consultation starting from around £50...which we believe is good value for your money. During the visit, the homeopath will review the patient’s medical history and attempt to elicit a full picture of the patient’s symptoms—mental, emotional, and physical. A homeopathic medicine will be chosen to match the patient’s symptom profile. This may be given on the same day or the patient may be asked to collect it at a later date, or it may be posted in the case of an online consultation. Scheduling of follow-up visits will vary depending on the needs of the patient and the practitioner’s philosophy; intervals of four to six weeks are typical. A follow-up visit normally lasts 30–45 minutes. The average cost of a follow-up visit to a homeopath in the UK varies and typically ranges from £50 to £150. At the Shifa clinic follow-up visits or consultations start from £30.Plus the medicine cost.

You can book your consultations online or come in to see us for homeopathic treatment,at our clinic, which is ideal, as we get a chance to observe you too, which is an essential part of the homeopathic consultation. we'll usually ask you about any specific health conditions, but also ask about your general wellbeing, emotional state, lifestyle and diet. You can also bring or discuss all your previous medical treatments, tests, notes, etc, to enabkle us to get a better picture of your presenting symptoms..

Based on this, our homeopath will decide on the course of  treatment, which most often takes the form of homeopathic remedy/ies given as a pill, capsule or tincture (solution). This may be given to you on the same day or you will be asked to collect it at a later time/date, or in the case of online consultation it will be posted to you.

Your homeopath may recommend that you attend/book one or more follow-up appointments so the remedy's effects on your health can be assessed more thoroughly.

When is it used? 

Homeopathy is used for an extremely wide range of health conditions. Many practitioners believe it can help with any condition.

Among the most common conditions that people seek homeopathic treatment for are:

  • asthma

  • ear infections

  • hay fever

  • mental health conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety

  • allergies, such as food allergies

  • dermatitis (an allergic skin condition)

  • arthritis

  • high blood pressure

  • male health issues e.g. fertility, impotency, prostate, etc.

  • female health issues, e.g. menopause, menstrual irregularities, fertility etc.

  • children & babies health e.g. coughs ,colds, colic etc.

What are the regulation issues? 

There's no legal regulation of homeopathic practitioners in the UK. 

A number of professional associations can help you find a homeopath who will practise the treatment in a way that's acceptable to you. 

The Society of Homeopaths   have a register of homeopathy practitioners, which you can search to find a practitioner near you. This register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

HMA(Homeopathic Medical Association ) also have a register of qualified and registered homeopaths near your area.


Is it safe? 

Homeopathic remedies are generally safe, and the risk of a serious adverse side effect arising from taking these remedies is thought to be small.

What can we conclude from the evidence? 

There have been several reviews of the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy.It is always worth checking that your homeopath is registered with a recognised governing health body.

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