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Fibro-Myalgia is a chronic disorder affecting many people, mostly women.

Its characteristic signs are: non-restorative sleep, with muscle aches & stiffness that may last all day & pain in all areas of the body.There may be  specific tender points present in the body.  The pain described is usually deep and persisting ache or a stabbing shooting muscular type of pain.

other symptoms also include: fatigue insomnia, joint pain, leg cramps, headaches, as well memory & concentration issues also known as fibro-fog. Many believe the brain signal in fibromyalgia patients, causes them to feel pain more intensely than others. There is no known allopathic cure for this condition or any Xray & MRI to detect this condition.

At the Shifa Pain Relief clinic we try to manage this condition by treating the underlying muscles and fascia that may be tight, amd causing the patient distress & pains.

Contact us to make an appointment . Call 01582 206 366 OR 07956 553417

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