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Neck Pain:

Some of the causes of your Neck Pain could be cold, damp, or a disc herniation, and/or mucle imbalances and spasms.These amay also lead to recurrent headaches.

Knee Pain:

Depending on the area of the knee, where the pain is felt,e.g front, side or rear of knee, it could be due to many reasons or causes such as: 

medial & lateral collateral ligament sprain, cruciate ligament sprain,oste-arthritis, Pes Anserine Syndrome, ITB (Ilio-Tibial Band ) tightness,tendonitis, popliteal muscle strain,or bakers cyst.

At the Shifa Pain Relief Clinic we assess your neck and find the possible cause of your neck and knee pain & treat it conservatively using a natural modality such Modern Acupuncture, manual therapy,hijama cupping or homeopathy without the side-effects. Call: 01582 206 366 OR 07956 553417 to set up your appointment for your road to recovery from neck or knee pain now !.

Neck Treatment
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