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Dysmenorrhea - Painful Periods

Dysmenorrhea or painful periods or pain on menstruation is experienced by half of women who menstruate for about 1 to 2 days ech month. It is usually a mild pain, however,for many women, the pain is very severe,that they cannot do theor everyday chores or normal activity for those days each month.

During menstruation, the inner lining of the uterus called the endometrium is shed which releases a hormone called prostaglandin in a woman’s body which causes uterine contractions. Sometimes due to the release of excess prostaglandins, the contractions become too strong, to reduce the contractions the muscles cut off the supply of oxygen to the uterine muscles and cause pain. This kind of dysmenorrhea, under normal conditions of release of excess prostaglandins, is called Primary Dysmenorrhea.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is the root cause of complication of the menstrual problems and is caused due to physical issues outside the menstruation process as given below:

  • Formation of Fibroids or benign muscular tumors in the uterus.

  • Endometriosis or formation of implants of uterine cell lining other than the uterus like that of the abdomen and pelvis.

  • Formation of ovarian cysts or solid or fluid-filled masses in the ovary.

  • Growth of glands within the wall of the uterus called Adenomyosis.

  • Uterine malformation is a type of birth defect.

  • PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) is a sexually transmitted disease that spreads among the ovaries, inner pelvis, uterus, abdomen, and fallopian tubes and may lead to dysmenorrhea.

  • Blockage or narrowing down of the cervical opening to the vagina may also cause Dysmenorrhea.

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