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Gastritis can be of two types, Acute or Chronic

 patients have presenting symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, vomitting, anorexia & weight loss.

It is caused by the bacteria HPylori infection, which affects your stomach causing gastritis. Almost half of the world population is affected by HPylori. This may be present during childhood. Hpylori causes the stomach mucous layer to reside in the gastric epitheleum, initially causing the acute gastritis at the distal stomach. At a later stage may enter the body of the stomach, casing inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The stomach in order to fight the bacteri recruits more white blood cells (WBC), this causes the normal stomach secreting glands to dissapear, leading to wasting of the mucosa,thus shrining the cells in size. This causes their ability to secrete hormones & acids leading to chronic atrophic gastritis, whereby these cells will eventually deplete leading to gastric cancer.

At the Shifa Pain Relief clinic, we can help to manage your gastric symtoms through various conservative modalities, such as modern acupuncture, homeopathy, hijama therapy, thereby helping to improve your lifestyle positively. Call 01582 206366 OR 07956 553417. 

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