Dr Shamim Akhtar Malik  Ph.D (A.c)  D.Sc (A.M.)

Natural, Complementary Alternative Medicine & Therapy Practitioner

Dr Shamim Akhtar Malik is a qualified & registered health practitioner,and master healer of many natural alternative/complementary healthcare therapies. Known for his healing hands & having a passion for natural health, care, & healing spanning over 30 years. He cares strongly about providing excellent care for each of his clients & also about being professional. To this day he stands tall to provide that excellence. Moreover, he collects outcomes of all his patients to show his treatment progress & efficacy

Presently he offers treatments in: Hijama,( including prophetic medicine), Homeopathic Remedies & Medicines,Acupuncture, Manipulation & Oriental Bone Setting Therapy,Deep Tissue Massage & Exercise therapy. 

Guided by his 30 years of training,knowledge, skill & clinical experience,he sees all types of physical,mental, & emotional health conditions in his clinic daily and provides treatments using the above therapies accordingly. His vision is to see his patients continue to flourish in better health and well-being and to build healthier communities.

Shifa Clinic is located in the Kingsway area of Luton, LU4 8JT. 

 NOTE:  There is limited parking outside the clinic. However off street free parking is available nearby.(see map below)

Call: 01582 206366  or   Call/text 07956 553417