Dr Shamim Akhtar Malik  Ph.D (A.c)  D.Sc (A.M.) -Alternative Health Practitioner & Sports Scientist / Therapist

Dr Shamim Akhtar Malik is a qualified & registered health practitioner of Complementary, Traditional & Natural Medicine and Healthcare. Having a passion for alternative natural health & natural healing & spanning over 30 years of clinical practice & research in natural, traditional alternative methods of  healthcare in leading healthcare institutions.  During this time he has qualified & is recognised as a homeopathic medicine doctor, doctor of chinese & oriental medicine,acupuncture pain specialist, sports scientist / sports therapist,trigger point sports massage specialist,manual therapist,hijama cupping practitioner,sports coach & exercise rehabilitation therapist & Taichi Qi Gong & martial arts practitioner. Guided by his 30 years of knowledge, skill & clinical experience,he sees all types of physical,mental,emotional health conditions in his clinic daily and provides treatments using the above therapies in an integrative way.

Shifa Clinic is located in the Kingsway, Dunstable Road area of Luton Beds, and offers services such as: Natural,Traditional Medicine such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, & Hijama Cupping and Manual Therapy & Sports Therapy, Trigger Point,Deep Tissue, & Asian Desi-Deep Tissue Massages to keep you functioning at optimal health and wellbeing & to unlock that innate healing potential each one of us possesses.  Our vision is to see our patients continue to flourish in better health through Shifa Clinic's natural, integrated way to manage & treat their health conditions without any side-effects,

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